Getting wiser as I get older

This past weekend I should have been up in Vermont playing in a softball tournament. About two weeks ago trying to stretch a double into a triple*, I felt a little pop. My Achilles tendon has been a nuisance ever since. I can walk, but there is ABSOLUTELY no running. If I try, the action soon turns into something akin to skipping. It is not pretty. This is where the “wiser as I get older” part comes in. I decided to stay home and recuperate instead of riding up to the tournament. I know me, I would have tried to play especially because we did not have any subs. Have I mentioned the competitive gene that gets passed down in my family? This morning I was feeling a little stir crazy, and decided a hike with my teggret should be doable. What’s a teggret? It’s a rare dog cross which includes terrier, tigger, and ferret. Here’s what one looks like:

Lucky for you, you can't hear him whining

If not exercised frequently, a teggret will find it’s own entertainment. Usually, it involves their 14-year-old pug brother who is never amused by this turn of events. So, off we went to the woods. The Achilles didn’t hurt, but I felt it the whole time. I’ll ice it and decide if I’ll try a test run on one of the bicycles today or tomorrow. I don’t think pedaling will bother the Achilles all that much. I hope not because an Italian sport tourer and a muffin top is never a good combination.


*No, I was out, but where would you be if you didn’t take a risk every once and a while.


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