Hawley State Ride



Heather and I may be on our way to a record in how many times we’ve ridden together in a year’s time. Last Friday we connected for a late afternoon ride in Hawley State Forest.

Hawley is off the Mohawk Trail in north western Massachusetts. Cell service is null. You go in the woods, you’re on your own.

We entered via fire roads and within the first mile, came across an oversized pickup truck with cab blocking the trail. The occupants were an elderly couple. As we approached, the woman exclaimed “NOW you get here!” They had been stuck in a deep rut and had just freed the truck and when they saw us approach, assumed we were there to help. I’m not sure what we would have done to assist.

Heather had brought a few toys along: a go pro camera which she’s been experimenting with: it was mounted on her handlebars and takes photos every 30 seconds. Since I was in front of her for part of the ride, I anticipate photos of my ass to be published soon (note my excitement).

The other toy was some kind of gps that calculates our elevation gains and losses as well as mileage and so forth. I’m not sure how much we climbed, but we went downhill forever, and then killed ourselves climbing back to the trail head.

We stuck to fireroads for this ride, and made it out before the sun set.



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