This afternoon I brought my friend’s Marin out for a test ride. She complained the shifting was rough and wanted my opinion. I hopped on and cruised away on smooth, flat, newly paved, blemish free roads.

I went through the gears and determined that a simple tune up would remedy her shifting issues. Then I decided to ride a bit. The Marin had skins for tires and was the perfect commuter bike. I pedalled hard and started to bank a left turn. The Marin glided smoothly underneath me until my left pedal struck the pavement; I had committed a rookie error by not aligning my pedals with the ground. The impact bounced the bike to the right and me right over the handlebars. I crashed ass over teakettle, my right shoulder, hip, knee, outer calf all getting a mild scrapping. My left palm also got a little chewed up.

Fortunately, my head never made contact with the ground, which is a good thing since I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Dumb move, I should know better. I’ll consider myself lucky and not be so careless again.


Note: the little cutie behind the post is my five year old, who is down to just one training wheel on his bike. I’m hoping by mid summer he’s got them both off!


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Wipeout”

  1. Kat says :

    OUCH! I hope you’re okay!! Glad you didn’t land on your head – what did we learn??

    Take care~~~

  2. Heather says :

    6/28/10 @ 16:06 hours: Let it be noted Heather takes the high road and does not leave the obvious jackass comment of,”If you landed on your head, how would we know you were injured?”

  3. Karen says :

    I really don’t know why I didn’t put a helmet on. I was going for a 2 minute ride, but clearly that’s all it takes.

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