Sweaty, stinky, happy

Up, and more up

Today’s morning ride was due to an OT shift I have later today. I have a couple of other items on the itinerary, so I wanted maximum output in minimum time. I headed for the hills of Leyden. The Garmin states the elevation gain was 1205 feet and my lungs and legs would agree with that. I didn’t have to stop and recover, but I was fond of the granny gears.

Apparently, the self-timer on my Olympus is set for ten seconds and not two. The little guy below had more than enough time to crawl out of the camera’s view while I waited for it to take the picture.

Turtle butt

Operator error had nothing to do with the missed shot.

Ride stats

Distance: 13.4 miles
Temperature: 71˚
Ride category: Keeping the muffin top in check.



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