Cool morning ride

Heading out

There was suppose to be three of us early this morning, but Doug* had to take care of a car tire issue. We had all agreed that early in the morning was going to be the best time to ride before the temps got into the 90s. Louise and I headed out around 08:30 with little traffic and temps that were bearable. The only thing we did not think about was our ride would be over before the ice cream stand opened. We will not make this mistake again.

Louise and I did an out and back down to Hatfield, and I will be returning to play on the twisties.

Fun ahead

But I’ll be bringing this bike.

The newest "bike"

Ride stats

Distance: 20.2 miles
Temperature: 67˚ and climbing
Ride category: Beating the heat.


*Doug, hope this makes up for not posting last time when we all rode together.


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