3 Days in a Row



Some vacation time this week has translated into some much needed ride time. I had gone beyond grouchy at work, crossing over into downright hostile. When an employee tells you that you look like ” a very pissed off cop,” it’s time for a vacation.

Day 1: 26 miles in very pleasant, albeit breezy weather. This improved my mood a little, but I was still dwelling on work a bit. Getting texted from work probably didn’t help matters.

Day 2: A big ride day with a new cycling buddy. 50 miles planned. I misjudged the route and only got 47, but close enough. LeeAnn dropped me on the hills and kept me pushing hard, but not so hard that we didn’t get the chance to chat the 3 1/2 we were out there. We hit it off pretty well and I’m looking forward to riding with her again this summer. After 47 miles I had no choice but to relax, I was so beat.

Day 3: Recovery ride. After 3 days, I was finally starting to feel like I was on vacation. I was slothful this day, and didn’t get out the door until late afternoon, just in time for a sustained downpour. It rained the whole time, and I couldn’t have been happier. Once your wet, your wet—and all cares go out the window. I was 12 again, riding the bike in the rain on summer vacation.

I have 3 more days off until I’m back at it, but I’m reasonably sure I wont look like a pissed off cop when I return (although looking that way is helpful at times).



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