Getting my Kicks…


Last weekend I worked, but snuck two short rides in: one Friday night (50 mins) and one Saturday morning (1:15). It’s a little ironic that on the weekends I work, I ride more. Hopefully that will change when I start using the new babysitter in a couple of weeks.

It was nice to ride on the other side of the Connecticut River. I traveled via route 66 from Northampton through Easthampton and into Southampton. Route 66 is awfully nice and I noticed I wasn’t the only cyclist taking advantage of the relatively quiet, relatively flat stretch of rural highway. Next time I think I’ll keep heading west on 66 and get some climbing in, and hopefully more than a couple hours of saddle time.



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “Getting my Kicks…”

  1. Cheryl says :

    I used to bike up Rt 66… eek…30 years ago to go to Camp Norwich as their Nature Counselor and Bike Trip Leader. They were working on the road then, so it was hot and dusty and very steep going all the way up to Huntington. The construction workers told me they were “taking the hills out”! Not very pleasant. I did ride from Greenfield up there a couple times with a stop in Noho to visit friends. It was a long day of riding.

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