“Want to see a dead body?”

It should be fine

Laurie and I both were thinking of the movie Stand by Me as we were heading down these tracks. We were doing some location recon for a future BCC ride which is how we found ourselves on the railroad bridge. We were looking for the Ashuelot Rail Trail, but apparently, we ended up on the Fort Hill Rail Trail. No worries because we had fun exploring once the trail came to a sudden end. We knew we didn’t have to worry about any trains coming along:

Definitely no trains coming

Thinking we were on the Ashuelot, we should have been able to continue so we hiked-a-bike through more prickers, vines, and loose rock. We came across the first “campsite” with tarps and bottles strewn about, and Laurie looked back. I shrugged and we kept going. As we came up on the second “campsite”, which looked a little more permanent, we decided that moment was better than any to head back.

Ride stats

Distance: 15.4 miles
Temperature: 60s
Ride category: Location scouting for BCC rides.


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