I got involved in a little social media tiff over the importance and use of chamois cream. It wasn’t really a tiff so much as a difference in opinion. But the whole discussion thread got me to thinking about butt butter, hoo-ha glide, cho-cha cream, and the like.

So here it is: in 10 years of cycling, I’ve never used it. I am not a racer, although I have raced. I’m no pro. But I’ll ride as much as I can, for hours on end. I’ll do a few 50+ mile rides per year. I ride the trainer all winter. I’ll ride in temps as low as 32, high as high can go. I’m on the bike pretty much every week of the year, except for the holidays, where my job leaves me too spent to do anything more than survive til its over.

I’m not against it, I just never felt I needed it. Sure I’ve had irritation but feel this just comes with the territory. Plus, because of my crazy schedule, I often have a day or two off between rides. I’m also well schooled in the “walk it off” theory of recovery. Meaning these issues need little more attention than a minute or two of rest. Anything more than that, just suck it up and quit complaining.

I’m also convinced a good seat can eliminate 80% of pain and irritation issues.

But there is quite a market for chamois cream. So its got to have some benefit.

So I put it out to you: do you use butt butter? In what circumstance? Is it more an essential for men than women due to anatomical reasons? I welcome your comments on this delicate matter…



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

4 responses to “Cham-what?”

  1. Pam says :

    I had never used it but thought wth…tried some of my hubby’s dz nuts and felt like somoene had set a rocket off in my privates. That stuff was too “zesty” for my liking. Never used anything since.

  2. Keith says :

    Hi–I got here through some retweeted comment or other.

    I carry a little in my saddlebag on brevets, but I only use it when, uh, usage is indicated. Generally that’s only after mile 100 in humid weather.

    IMHO, if you need lube on a 50-mile ride, you’ve got a fit problem.

  3. Karen says :

    I had a friend who would bring a spare pair of riding shorts on her 100+ mile rides when she was fund raising and doing the AIDS rides. She said that worked out pretty well.

  4. Jan says :

    I am sure it has it’s benefits. But I have never thought of using it.

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