Oooohhh, shiny object!

Entertaining 2 out of 3

I woke up this morning at my usual time which meant it was too early to call Mom and wish her a happy day. It was also too early to start working on the mower. That involves a lot of cussing and throwing of tools especially because I had it working last week, but it has decided to misbehave. That left going for a bike ride and playing with my new toy, a Garmin Oregon 450t. I was originally looking for a GPS unit for the motorcycle. Those units are quite costly and have only one purpose, so I looked at ones for auto and trail. The Garmin Oregon will definitely do what I need on the Guzzi’s handlebars, but it has so many other options. The battery life is 16 hours vs 2.5 to 5 on the auto/motorcycle units. Here are some of the nifty things it told me about my ride today: elevation gain = 885 feet, max speed = 36.7mph, average moving speed = 12.1 mph. I was able to upload a nifty map of my route, too. Yes, I find all of this fascinating. This may explain why my friends think I need the t-shirt that says, “Distracted by shiny objects.”

Ride stats

Distance: 15.24 miles
Temperature: 40˚, the wind gusts had me dressed like it was early March.
Ride category: Garmin’s maiden voyage.


Yes Ellen, I called my mother.


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