My new favorite color

Practicing over the shoulder

The above shot was taken over my shoulder while pedaling up to work. I needed a little practice I found out on my last ride. It’s my day off, but I wanted to see how many extra minutes I would need to plan for when take your Fuji to work day rolls around. That, and I know my co-workers miss me when I’m not there. Ellen says it has something to do with the entertainment factor plummeting when I am not around. I was sporting one of my new cycling jerseys and one of the three working commented about the color, classifying it as a periwinkle. Ellen then came up with fairy-winkle which I liked a lot more. So much so, I skipped to the back of the room to refresh the water bottles. According to my co-workers, I need to keep the day job and not try out for the skipping olympics. Who knew?

Ride stats

Distance: 26.8
Temperature: 60˚
Ride category: Random entertainment for some lucky co-workers.



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One response to “My new favorite color”

  1. Ellen says :

    Practice, practice, practice… but… not while on the Fuji!

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