Seriously, hell is in glacier mode.

I'll work on it

The other day I finally got the first BCC email out to the group. I was pleasantly surprised to get replies from everyone, and pretty soon after it went out, too. One person I did not hear from was Tammy. Tammy usually says she will accompany us on our rides, but that means in her vehicle blasting the tunes for our listening pleasure while sipping on a coconut ice coffee. And no, she’s never made a ride as our DJ if anyone was wondering. We worked together a few days ago, and I mentioned not getting a reply from her. It took all my willpower not to fall out of my chair when she said, “I’ll have to borrow one of your bikes.” I was thinking to myself, “Ok Heath, breathe. Don’t get too excited and spook her.” The day finally came, and she kept her word. Ellen, Tammy, and I went over to the Turners Falls bike path and had a great time. As you can see from the above photo, I need a little practice taking shots over my shoulder while pedaling. I did get this great one of Ellen, but on closer inspection, I think she’s flipping me off. Bad Ellen!

Hey, is Ellen flipping me the bird?

Ride stats

Distance: 8.25 miles
Temperature: 50s with a drizzle depending on location
Ride category: First BCC ride of 2010 and Tammy joined us. On a bike!



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4 responses to “Seriously, hell is in glacier mode.”

  1. Ellen says :

    Oh… certainly no flipping. I was merely braking with one finger. Fingers get tired if you over use them you know. Great to have Tammy along!

  2. Tam says :

    Ellen braking? I thought it was more like perfect timing for the picture!! I had a really good time and as Heather says, Hell must really be defrosting!

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