What the hell, it added another 0.2 miles

At least he's getting paid to wear that

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know Karen is the one who’s always harping about getting pictures of us riding our bikes. This ride was no different, but luckily, she was having problems on how to execute the photo she wanted.  After we rode by this gentleman, Karen said she needed a photo of him for the* blog. Then she got all excited about getting OUR photo with him for the blog and we made a U-turn. I pointed out someone needed to take the photo, and I graciously offered to do same. I’m a die hard fan of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters anyways. That, and I don’t think corporate would like their mascot standing next to someone flying the great American bird.

Ride stats

Distance: 24.5 miles
Temperature: High 40s to start
Ride category: Setting new world records by riding together twice in the same month.


*notice how I use “the” or “our” and never “my” when discussing this here blog


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One response to “What the hell, it added another 0.2 miles”

  1. Chuckwagon says :

    I was wondering if you simply had mistakenly overlooked the addition of the “BACON” tag in you category list or . . . ?!?

    I mean, BACON is the breakfast of champion bicyclists . . . right?

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