I bet we weren’t what he was looking for

Officially spring

Karen and I went biking today. Not only that, but we actually rode together. Apparently that beats 2009 because Karen is pretty sure we rode zero times together last year. I’m happy I wake up remembering my name every morning, so she could be correct on that one. WARNING: Karen thinks she needs photos of us while we ride, therefore, our flickr account will soon show photos of me flying the great American bird with various countryside as a backdrop.

On a side note, when I logged in to write this post we had an interesting referrer. It was something like “search.aol.com/aol/search=scag woman.” How much you want to bet he did not find what he was looking for on our site. Sorry to disappoint.

Ride stats

Distance: 26 miles
Temperature: High 40s (?)
Ride category: SCAG spring board meeting



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3 responses to “I bet we weren’t what he was looking for”

  1. Kat says :

    LOL!! Makes ya go “EW” wondering what he WAS looking for!

    Glad your weather is improving!

  2. kseverny says :

    thats a good session.
    i bet your feeling wiped

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