Shooting the Gap

Sunday: an outdoor ride. I had just enough money in my tight budget to pay the sitter an hour, but it was the best 10 bucks I could spend. I admit I waffled about riding that day. The forecast was for 38 degrees, with 10-20 mph winds and gusts to 30mph. These are not optimal conditions. After buzzing about this decision via social media, I was encouraged enough to stop whining and just ride. So I did.

When I started out, the “F” word spontaneously flew out of my mouth for 20 solid minutes, interrupted only by the intermittent other word, “cold.” Finally, I warmed to tolerable conditions. The headwinds were strong and steady and pushed back my efforts to more forward. Despite the cold and strong winds, I went faster than I expected for this time of year, faster than in years past. Which goes to the theory that cycling is cumulative, and you do gain strength with experience and age (even age! Whooohooo!).

When I returned, my face was a half-moon of bright red. I acquired a nice little sun/windburn. Otherwise, I was in good shape–a little tired from staying warm, and not sore a bit the next day.

I guess the trainer has been paying off.


PS–snow rain mix at time of this writing, and forecast for the next 4 days. Sigh. Got this ride in just in time.


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4 responses to “Shooting the Gap”

  1. Kat says :

    Great post! I had to laugh at your spontaneous “F” word explosions, even though reading this makes me feel like a wimp for not riding out in our cold, wet weather. In my defense, we don’t get that so often down here in Texas! I didn’t even ride the Harley to work, it was so nasty (and hardly anything keeps me off my Harley!)

    I did 10 miles on the spinner, though! And it was cold in the garage! Does that count? 😉

    Rubber side down!


    • Karen says :

      Props to you Kat, riding a Harley & all 🙂 Where in Texas are you? I have friends near Houston. And one rides a big ass motorcycle (not a Harley, but she dreams about it).

      10 miles on a trainer is hard, if you ask me. I do it in my basement in front of a huge tv and I’m still bored. But it does help maintain fitness, so there you have it. What length are you doing for your LIVESTRONG ride?


      • Kat says :

        Hey Karen!

        I’m in south Texas, about 6 hours from Houston (on the Mexican border).

        I’m doing the 45 mile LIVESTRONG ride. I did it 2 years ago as well. This time I’m determined to be more fit and better prepared, hence the trainer and treadmill workouts.

  2. Leah says :

    Cold is a great incentive to pedal fast!

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