Should have bought the studded tires

Studs needed

If you are enjoying our mostly snowless winter here in southern New England, you owe me a thank you. I bought new back country skis, boots, bindings, and poles in the beginning of December. That money would have been better spent on studded tires for the fuji cross comp. I suppose since the section you see in the above photo was the only one I had to walk the bike through, I don’t need those studded tires either. Bummer.

Those of you following Karen on twitter might have seen her tweet* earlier today about snow squalls. I have proof from my ride:


*Before Karen outs me, yes, I too, am on twitter. I basically use it to follow bands and occasionally tweet something that sets off my frat-boy (Karen’s description, and no, I don’t understand why) sense of humor. Therefore, my tweets are private and I require proof you are over 18.

Ride stats

Distance: 16.8 miles
Temperature: Around 40˚
Ride category: I’m in, uh, training. Yeah, that’s it.



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2 responses to “Should have bought the studded tires”

  1. hans says :

    Have a couple of questions concerning the rockbuster duathlon. Looking to compete in my first race this year. With such a short run distance prior to the bike portion of the race…are the racers switching from a trail running shoe to a clipless bike pedal and back to running shoe, or do they choose a shoe that can be worn all race long? Thanks.

    • Karen says :

      I switched from my trail running shoes to mtb shoes (for clipless pedals) and back to the running shoes again, and from what I remember–I think I was in good company. You could do the race without clipless pedals which would allow you to save time on transitions, but you’d sacrifice performance on the bike. However- the course isn’t too technical, so it definitely could be done. It definitely pays to be a faster runner than a fast cyclist–66% of the race is on foot so if you’re good at that, you can afford to not hammer so much on the bike.

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