Arriving Soon

For Christmas, my brother & sister-in-law got me a gift card to Bike Nashbar’s online site.  Gift cards by themselves aren’t sexy but they sure get the job done, and this evening I picked out brand new mountain biking pedals:I got the red to match the red on my mountain bike–something that I will be criticized for by Heather, who is anti-fashion.  Now–I don’t consider myself a fashionista, certainly not in the cycling world or any other world for that matter–but I do like to match.  And red is my favorite color.

Fashion aside, I’m eager to try this style of clipless pedal out, because I’ve been raised on Speedplays exclusively.  I have Speedplay Frogs for my mountain bike and the cheapest version of the Speedplay for the road bike (I believe it’s the Speedplay X/5 Chrome-Moly).  The worst case is that I hate the new pedal and go back to the frogs, which have worked splendidly for some time.  But 2010 will be my 9th year with the frogs, so–time to evolve a little, and explore different equipment.  These were reasonable too– only $34.99 marked down from $54.99.  The reviews online were solid, and these weigh about 178g.  The frogs I have are also the cheapest version and come in at 255g.  I doubt I’ll notice a difference–I am not a finely tuned rider.  But I’m anxious for the opportunity to try something new.

And now to shop for new MTB shoes…..



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Arriving Soon”

  1. Heather says :

    Me? Anti-fashion? How can you say that? I watch the Victoria Secret fashion show every year!

  2. Pam Thorne says :

    Hope you like these, I had a set for a long time and finally wore them out. I’ve never ridden speedplays but for spd’s these were great. I replaced them with Shimanos but I actually like the Nashbars better. They were easier to clip in and out.

  3. Jon "Bike Parts King" Carter says :

    haha… good comeback Heather. I have not used Nashbar’s pedals yet personally, but I am sure you will enjoy them.

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