Karen’s Christmas present

It is December 25th

Even though I am injured, I was able to ride the Fuji today. Just around town, see if I remembered how to pedal one. I was wondering if the ride would even take place because of this:

Nerf gun battle casualty

This is the aftermath of the nerf gun battle I had last night with some of my younger relatives. Yes, I won but it was do or die because I lost the earlier battle of dodge ball played with an exercise ball and mini basketballs. I would like to take a brief moment to point out the dodge ball teams were them (4) vs me (1). After a professional bandaging job:

Hope this works

I was good to go. I figured I might as well post about the ride seeing that Karen has been good about my lack of presence here on the blog this past year. I think she’s only mentioned once that she’s been carrying us. So, Merry Christmas Karen…an actual post from me.


Ride stats

Distance: 11.6 miles
Temperature: 34Ėš according to the bank
Ride category: Why the hell not ride one of ’em.


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One response to “Karen’s Christmas present”

  1. Karen says :

    Awwwwwww Shucks, your shouldn’t have šŸ™‚

    You know for a split second, I thought I was getting the Fuji. Lord knows that poor bikes needs some attention šŸ™‚ LOL– anyway–really–it’s nice to have you back. Hopefully we can expect more than 3 posts in 2010? Just sayin’

    Merry Christmas Heather!!!!

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