Defining My Racing Strategy

Mt Toby Trails

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Last Monday Gail & I made it out for a planned brick: a short trail run followed immediately by mountain biking. We’re prepping for the Mud Sweat and Gears Duathlon in Ashland, MA on October 4th. This is my first attempt at multisport, and my first race since in about 8 years. My racing experience is very limited: I’ve done three mountain bike races, all within a year of taking up the sport. I’m training for this, but my goal is simple: to finish in one piece. I have no aspirations of placing or even doing well. I really don’t care about that anymore, It’s more important to me that I’m just out there still slugging away. I know I’ll inevitably feel that competitive nature rear up when people start passing me, but I really just want to run my own race, and not worry about comparing myself to others.

That said I’ve been running a lot more, since I don’t particularly enjoy running and it doesn’t exactly come natural to me. Pairing up with Gail is good for me because she is such a talented runner, and great athlete, I’m forced to do better. I always know if I work out with Gail, I’m going to be sore later–which means I really got a good workout. Also something happened to me the other night that truly surprised me: I dreamt of running. And it wasn’t a nightmare! Truly, I can see if I keep apply myself to this aspect of training I can grow to tolerate (even look forward to?) running.

And that’s a good thing, because Mud, Sweat and Gears is a 1.8 mile run, followed by 5.5 miles mountain biking, followed by another 1.8 mile run. 2/3s of the race is running, I better have some miles in my legs for not just the bike.



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2 responses to “Defining My Racing Strategy”

  1. Leah says :

    It sounds like it will be fun! And a great way to mix things up. Can’t wait to hear how it goes…

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