Rain, Rain, Go Away


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What is going on with the weather?

Every other Friday night, my Ladies Mountain Bike Group heads out for some trail riding. Every other Friday night, and nearly every day in between, it is raining. Heavily. The last two Friday nights, there was such heavy rains we canceled the ride.

Last night two of us hiked instead.

I’m logging far, far less miles this year than last, and I’m pretty upset about it. I’m not reaching my fitness goals on the bike. I am not in shape to do a century. I’ve been so bummed out by the rain, I haven’t bothered to choose a century to ride in. I’ve even started running to keep in shape, and I hate running.

A lot of people believe that the weather can adversely affect human being’s outlooks and moods. There are studies that imply that states with more sunshine (Like Colorado, with an average of 300 sunny days a year) have happier people living there. At this point, I’m starting to believe it.  I feel angry about the weather.  I feel cheated.  It’s August already, and summer isn’t really here–at least not to good part of summer.

I’m not sure why we’ve traded climates with the Northwest, but I’m done with the rain. It’s a sunny day, and I’m working today (See: feeling cheated). But before heading in, I’m heading outside to mow my lawn, and get a short ride in, on dry pavement.



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