Vacation in NH

Rope Swing @ camp

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I’m a couple hours from heading east, then north to New Hampshire for a short week in the Lakes/ White Mountains Region. On tap for the week: fishing, canoeing, swimming. A day at Storyland is planned (that’s for my son, who considers it an annual religious pilgrimage at this point in his young life). And of course, there will be cycling. Although not as much as you’d think. I’m hoping for at least two good rides.  Three would be a bonus.  I’ll take what I can get.

The picture I’ve included is something that only represents fun and leisure to me, personally. This is the rope swing at camp. My mood immediately changes when I see this photo. As a teen, I sketched this tree hundreds of times. That’s the Ossipee River slowly moving behind it, and if you look closely, a raft out there in one of the few deep spots of the river.

I grew up here, summers only, and I want my son to associate summers, fun, leisure, and friends with our camp as well. When he’s old enough he’ll climb to the top of that tree and cannonball in to the mere 4 1/2 feet of water below. He’ll get a good rope burn from holding the rope the wrong way and jumping off. He’ll forget to let go and hit the tree. He’ll tear his foot against a rusty nail in the trunk of the tree. He’ll encounter a water snake 4 feet long that lives under the logs in the swimming holes. He’ll pull leeches from his legs. Yes, all the cherished memories of my past, I want him to have too. That’s just the kind of parent I am 🙂


* note–one of the coolest bike stunts I’ve ever seen was of this older boy who propped up a dock that was not in the water as a ramp at the river’s edge, right next to this tree. He’d climb the hill to the road, get on his BMX bike and rocket his way to that ramp. He launched so high over the water and then landed in the river still on the pedals of his bike. He’d wear cut off jeans, sneakers with no socks, and nothing else. It was AWESOME.


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2 responses to “Vacation in NH”

  1. Tim says :

    I can’t believe it took me this long to see this photo! Those were the days, weren’t they? I hope that your son and Steve’s kids will have the same experiences that we had(within reason, that is).
    Could you send me that photo?

  2. Karen says :

    Yeah Tim, this pic was a favorite of mine. I’m sure they’ll create their own memories, I just hope they are half as good as the ones we got 🙂

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