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View of Quabbin, Windsor Dam

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Oh June was a long, hard month. I think I had an easier time in February than I did in June. I definitely exercised more in February. But now we’re into July and getting a little more sun than rain (thank God!). And at last, my class is done, summer is here, and I’m back on the bike.

Sort of.

My other roadblock to cycling more than once a week is the glaring lack of a babysitter. I *love* my sitter, a studious young woman on full scholarship to Mount Holyoke College down the street from where I live. Alas, she’s home for the summer, and I’m sitterless.

Nonetheless, I got out and did 35 miles last Wednesday. The weather has been changeable–check out those clouds over the Quabbin. Beautiful, but I didn’t want to get caught so far from home in another thunderstorm.

I have another ride planned this Wednesday, Mt biking Friday night, road riding Saturday and Sunday morning, in between packing for a vacation to NH.

The thing that frustrates me right now with my cycling is the lack of a goal. I still want to do a century, but since deciding NOT to do another LIVESTRONG ride this year, I feel directionless. I need to find a suitable century or another event (a team version of a triathlon this fall is being discussed with my SCAG group of mountain bikers). Not having a goal with meaning is starting to bother me. Dare I say, it feels almost selfish not to be involved with a charity event this year (maybe I should change that). I still derive a lot of pleasure from cycling, but it’s changing for me. I used to work out a lot of personal problems on the bike. It was a place for me to think things out. My personal life is pretty great right now, so that’s not necessary (what am I complaining about again?). Also, Heather and I are not in heated competition this year to rack up the most miles (Heather, I still owe you that twenty five bucks). It’s not that I’ve lost my mojo, it’s just that it’s misplaced, I think. If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know. I’m gonna keep looking in the meantime.



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One response to “Back to Riding”

  1. Leah says :

    I find a break usually helps. I hope you’re enjoying your time away.

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