LIVESTRONG Merchandise on Clearance?

LIVESTRONG  fan?  Yeah, me too.  They have a great message, a great cause, a legend of a representative, and some darn good marketing to boot.  I have a bunch of LIVESTRONG gear from my past three LIVESTRONG Challenge events.  Hats, t-shirts, cycling jerseys, and of course, that famous yellow wristband (I have a box of unopened ones, if anyone’s interested).

So when I was on my lunch hour yesterday, I was surprised to see a load of LIVESTRONG clothing on clearance racks at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Dick’s sells LIVESTRONG merchandise–they have their own “boutique” area on either side of the power aisle at store front.  One boutique for women, the other side for the guys.  But this stuff was clearanced at 25% off (still not very cheap–that NIKE/LIVESTRONG stuff has a hefty markup).  I imagine there is a slew of newly designed LIVESTRONG gear 2009, available mostly at the LIVESTRONG website and at stores like Dick’s.  The stuff on clearance is 2008 merchandise. 

But the great thing is, that LIVESTRONG logo and telltale yellow and black color scheme is what sells the stuff.  And Lance is smack in the middle of one of the more exciting Tour de France races of his life, bringing more attention to the LIVESTRONG foundation with every stage. So if you want a sale, and to show support a great cause, go to Dick’s.  You can score a big yellow LIVESTRONG hoodie or t-shirt and save a little money doing it. 


PS:  little known fact about me:  I ran a sporting goods store for 2 years until Dick’s ran us out of business.


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One response to “LIVESTRONG Merchandise on Clearance?”

  1. Carol Turner says :

    Ok is it me or are these things getting more and more popular? Not that its a hoodie but look at the dang Snuggy, I would have never guessed that those would become a hot item.

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