Back in, and out of, the saddle

Where's the rain?

Ever notice it never rains when you want it to? The skies looked like they were going to open up on my ride, which would have been fine by me, but they never did. I do NOT want it to rain this afternoon. Any takers? I rode up to work today just to see how badly out of shape I am. It’s bad, but not too bad. I spent a lot of time out of the saddle pedaling up the hills. I didn’t have to stop and catch my breath at all which I will concede as a point for me.

No, I did not crash again. The following picture is just the Fuji “parked” while I tried to get a photo of a deer standing in a stream. By the time I got over to where I initially saw it, I glimpsed it turning the corner 50 feet upstream.

No crashing involved

Big Brown gets a shout out because one of their drivers actually stopped to make sure I was all right. I recognized him as the driver for my old neighborhood. Back then I just had the pugs, and they loved to see the big package car pull up front. That meant one thing, cookies!

Ride stats

Distance: 28.2 miles
Temperature: 78˚
Ride category: Mildly surprised it only took 4 extra minutes to pedal up to work.



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