Ladies Mountain Biking Report #2

Friday night we met at the Batchelor Street entrance in Granby, MA where there are a nice collection of trails on this side of the Holyoke Range.  Heather was called into work last minute and called me at the store to let me know she wouldn’t make it.  Tonight Heidi returned, and her friend Nikolina joined us.  In the parking lot where lots of other riders were getting ready to kick off the long weekend with a good ride in the woods, we were introduced to LeeAnn, who was riding with her husband and some friends.  Information was exchanged and my mailing list grew that much more. 

The ride itself was like a baptism by fire.  It was just short of 90 degrees.  The trail was rockier, more winding, and more treacherous than I remembered.  After about 20 minutes I was almost sure these women would never ride with me again–we were sweating and off our bikes, getting bounced around by the trail.  It was still early in the season though, and my new riding companions swore that it was OK, that they were in fact having fun.  I sometimes forget that to be a mountain biker, you must enjoy adversity and pain.  This was par for the course.

The trail we rode was called Roller Coaster, and I remember it being my favorite.  For the first half I wondered why I remembered it so fondly.  The second half refreshed my memory, as the trail descended and instead of pedaling hard straight up and sideways, you could just coast. There was still a lot of negotiating rock and root hazards, but with gravity (at last) on our sides, pained expressions turned to silly grins of fun, fun, fun. 


We were having so much fun we decided to do a another trail, despite the setting sun.  This trail was wider, the rocks more spread out, and with some refreshing water features that cooled us down. When we realized it was in fact getting dark out, we returned to the trail head with good reviews all around.

Details of future rides were discussed:  Friday night every two weeks worked well in everyone’s schedule.  Locations would change but we all really enjoyed Batchelor Street.  And next ride, June 5th I will not be in attendance for:  I am vacationing in Colorado and will be posting about my riding there.  But if the group does decide to ride on the 5th I’ll let everyone know here and via facebook, since that’s been working out nicely.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m still a little stiff from Friday night.  If that’s not a sign of a good time, I don’t know what is!



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