Mountain Biking, All Abilities Welcome

Tomorrow night, Friday May 22, 2009 is our second night of Ladies Mountain Biking. We’re meeting at 6PM at Batchelor Street in Granby, MA–a popular spot for mountain biking in the area. There are plenty of trails to sample but I have a few in mind, depending upon everyone’s experience level.

This event is open to all women of all abilities and is as much social as it is about fitness and exercise. So far 3 are confirmed, including yours truly. Bring a bike, a helmet and bug repellent. It’s only May but those pesky little things are already out there looking for a free meal. There is a pond, a beaver dam and lodge, and lots of wildlife on this side of the Holyoke range. It’s a great set of trails used for hiking, mountain biking, and cross country skiing.

For more information email us at sipclipandgoATgmailDOTcom, or just arrive at 6PM. It should be a lot of fun, join us!!



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2 responses to “Mountain Biking, All Abilities Welcome”

  1. Jeff Bean says :

    Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by earlier today. Nice to meet you, and hope to be sharing in the future. Small-world department: I spent many a day in Amherst, North Hampton and Chicopee, MA, visiting with in-laws.

    • Karen says :

      wow, it IS a small world. Swing by my blog when you want to feel nostalgic 🙂 Looking forward to reading yours.

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