Ladies Mountain Bike Night #1 Report

Last night kicked off what I hope to be a regular thing: Ladies Mountain Bike Night. We had a lot of interest and some scheduling conflicts, so our first ride netted 2 new SCAG riders: Heidi and Alison.

Heidi I met in an unusual way. Last summer when gas prices were at record highs, it seemed EVERYONE was commuting to work by bike. I was hyper-aware of all the bike commuters as several of my staff members commuted by bicycle. When driving to work (in my 6 cylinder pickup truck–sorry) I noticed a woman commuting to work over “the notch” –a fairly good climb on the bike. When returning from work that same day, I noticed the same woman on the side of the road with her bike flipped over trying to change out her back tire. That was Heidi. I gave her a ride home. Heidi rides both road and mountain bikes.

Alison I’ve known for about 10 years. She doesn’t ride, so this was her first time. She seemed excited and a little apprehensive. She was our first bona fide “beginner.”

We met at Nonotuck Park in Easthampton. The park is flat as a pancake and has loads of trails cut through it, peppered with ball fields. There was no getting lost as you could always hear a ball game being played through the trees. There were a few water hazards, some footbridges and lots of tree roots to negotiate. On summer nights a LBS holds a racing series at the park, so it’s interesting enough to race through. I learned to ride at this park about 9 years ago and felt it was accessible to beginners but offered interest to riders with more experience.

We took the ride slow–it being our first time on mountain bikes this year (and for Alison, this life). We went slow enough to socilaize a bit and Alison got her first taste of trail riding. We were about 15 minutes from ending the ride when Alison really lost her virginity and face planted off a bridge into a creek. She was OK, but scored herself some nice bruises and scratches, a couple that drew a little blood. I felt like a proud parent, especially when I noticed that instead of grimacing, Alison was grinning, hard. She was hooked.

We’re looking to make this a regular Friday night ride, but locations could change. If you’re interested in joining us, email us at sipclipandgoATgmailDOTcom. A big thanks to Alison & Heidi for coming out to ride. See you next week!



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