An extra 10

Try again

It took an extra 10 minutes to get to work on the Fuji today. I wanted at least one trial run before I tried it on a work day. The Fuji has a double chainring (36/46) and the Specialized a triple (30/42/52). I was a wee bit concerned because I have not been riding as much this year. I was hoping not to find out I needed the little front sprocket for getting up the hills. Apparently not, though I need to work on some fit adjustments because my knees are still a little achy. It was more excellent conditions for the Fuji. One of the roads I take up to work was closed to cars and trucks. I slipped past the barricade and pedaled my way up, slowly. The guy working on the road was even nice enough to raise the front loader so I could get by. Notice the blue skies in this picture:

Old tractor

There will be none of that for my days off coming up. Glad I skipped out early today. Not that a little weather will keep me inside unlike someone else we know.

Ride stats

Distance: 26.8 miles
Temperature: 57˚
Ride category: Testing the Fuji for its main purpose, commuting to work.



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