I have another reason to love my Lakes

Oh goody!

I don’t have any big bike plans for the year 2009, but was trying to come up with a fun idea in case I needed any incentive to ride. I decided on seeing how many of the roads in Franklin county I can pedal this year, and I started keeping track today. The Fuji Cross Comp is ideal for some of the road conditions out there at the very beginning of New England’s fifth season, mud. I was exploring in south county today when I pedaled by a farm. I found out the pooch that lives there does not like bicycles, the hard way. He got a mouthful of my Lake cycling shoes. The owner apologized, I acknowledged him, and kept going. A few hundred yards down the road I started to wonder why my ankle was cold. I looked down to see my shoe was torn. Now, I wanted to go back and talk with the dog’s owner but I really didn’t feel like giving the dog a shot at my other shoe. Who did I call? The owner of the bike shop I frequent (ok, frequent may not be an honest representation of the amount of times I stop by). I’m a dog person, I have four myself, so I hated the thought of calling the police. He pointed out the dog did not own the road in front of his house, it could have been worse if I didn’t have the Lakes on, and what happens if kids on bikes go by next time. So, the police swung by and we were able to work everything out amicably; the dog’s owner took full responsibility for the animal’s actions.

On another note, I may not be doing LIVESTRONG this year but I am still picking a fight with cancer. Today my friend, Sarah, cut my hair for Locks of Love. Yes, Sarah is a professional. My friend DeeDee and I are still planning on this event, and her college pal, Kibo, will be joining us. I am definitely looking forward to that weekend! Most of it not being bloggable, but who knows, we are all in our 40s now.

Ride stats

Distance: 26.1 miles
Temperature: 48˚
Ride category: Getting ready for the mud season.



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4 responses to “I have another reason to love my Lakes”

  1. Chuck says :

    You know, if Fifties are the new Thirties, then you’re still in your twenties…hell, I bet you still get carded sometimes when you’re out…

    (although others are not so lucky)

  2. Karen says :

    how much of your hair did you cut off? I want pics!

  3. Heather says :

    10 inches is the minimum for Locks of Love

  4. Ellen says :

    I’ve seen the new do. It looks great. Young and hip.
    Does the bike ride smoother with less weight?

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