Fuji rear light

I realized the other day that I did not have a few items (for example, spare tubes, how did that happen?) for the Fuji, so I headed down to the LBS to remedy that. While there, I picked up a rear light. The bike shop owner said this model would work well because it can be attached onto the Delta rack I have. I would have to agree.

Now that the weather is warmer, there is talk about the BCC getting back out on the road. Yesterday two of our members (Ellen and me) did a little preseason cross training. Ellen and her husband make maple syrup on their farm and it is the season for the sap to run. Ellen somehow got me to ask my sister if she would be interested in going collecting. My sister thought that would be a great idea which meant I was now involved, too. That Ellen is sneaky, and sometimes not. Here’s a helpful tip, do not sit in front of the wood fire that is used to cook the sap/syrup: Cooking

It is warm and toasty and induces napping after spending the afternoon collecting at taps around town.

Ride stats

Distance: 8.1 miles
Temperature: 45˚
Ride category: Picking up a few items at the LBS and planning the first BCC ride. Twenty miles anyone?



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2 responses to “Accessorizing”

  1. Karen says :

    Hey, don’t forget I still owe you $$$ from our little bet last year. I was thinking of you today on my ride, and your new bike, and thinking you’d be wanting to dress up your new ride a bit. Let me know when you want to collect!!

  2. Ellen says :

    You guys did a great job piling wood and collecting sap from the buckets. It’s great exercise, kind of like hiking with weights! Thanks for the help. I will be sure to pencil you and your sister in for next year.

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