The 2009 skinny tire debut

The sap is flowing

Even though there is no mileage bet for 2009, I still have plans to commute to work by bike. This time last year, I had quite a few more miles logged than I have for 2009. The weather was cooperating so I headed out; no studded tires needed. There may be more time between my rides, but luckily, I was still able to pass these guys:

Sharing the road

In other news, I bought a new bike. Here’s a sneak peek:

New "bike"

Ride stats

Distance: 15.4 miles
Temperature: 54˚
Ride category: There was no excuse not to be out there.



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7 responses to “The 2009 skinny tire debut”

  1. Karen says :

    I wasn’t out there, but had an awesome excuse staying with me from Denver 🙂

    Hey, can I ride your new bike? Because I actually already have my license 🙂

  2. Heather says :


  3. Chuck says :

    Trying to come up with a playlist for the new bike; maybe start with an oldie, “Radar Love” by Golden Earing (I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hands are wet on the wheel…wah wah wah wah) and then shift into maybe some “Motorcycle Mama” by Neil Young, but maybe that’s too obvious. Should I just stick with stuff like “Let it Ride” by BTO and “Drive” by Incubus or be daring and go with some Travis Tritt doing “Put Some Drive in Your Country” or “Night Drive” by the All-American Rejects.

    Hmmm…lots of choices…this gonna be fun…

  4. Karen says :

    You just don’t want me riding her before you do….

  5. Chuck says :

    Here’s the list:

    1) King of the Road – Roger Miller
    2) Radar Love – Golden Earing
    3) Roam – B-52’s
    4) Truckin’ – Dwight Yoakam
    5) Everyday is a Winding Road – Sheryl Crow
    6) Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
    7) Let it Ride – Bachman Turner Overdrive
    8) Put Some Drive in Your Country – Travis Tritt
    9) Motorcycle Mama – Neil Young
    10) Ticket to Ride – The Beatles
    11) Free Ride – Edgar Winter
    12) Going Mobile – The Who
    13) The Road is My Middle Name – Bonnie Raitt
    14) Nothin’ But the Taillights – Clint Black
    15) Up Around the Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    16) Midnight Rider – Allman Brothers
    17) Where the Blacktop Ends – Keith Urban
    18) It’s a Long Lonely Highway – Elvis Presley
    19) Further On Up the Road – Johnny Cash

    Think it’s got a nice flow; mostly kick-ass road type songs but it ends with this incredible Johnny Cash song that sorta punches – it’s kinda mournful but a really good end. Also a mix of rock and country that’s nice…

    Next time you’re here I’ll make you a copy of it.

    (that’s one way to get you back for a visit)

  6. Diana says :

    That’s my boy…always ready with the music. Congrats on the new baby!!

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