The Empress’ new wheels

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I am the dog person. You have also met Cassandra, aka The Empress, before. She started having some trouble walking last year (back legs) and it has become increasingly difficult for her due to compressed discs in her lower spine. Not any more, though, thanks to Eddie’s Wheels. The cart she is using in the video is a loaner until her custom set of wheels is ready, in two weeks. Hopefully by then she won’t need studded tires, but we’ll be looking for next year.


PS. I may ride my bike soon, so stay tuned. And no, I will not be joining Karen on her century. This event is more my pace; I think I overdid it winning our bet last year.


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2 responses to “The Empress’ new wheels”

  1. Chuck says :

    Yippee for Cassandra! She looks like she’s very happy that her mom got her a set of wheels.

    (you’re the BEST doggie mom)

    Also, if you need any encouragement for your upcoming participation in that very important charity event, please feel free to join us down here and we can help you start your training; we can even make a run to Philly, so you can scope out venues and any potential competitors, etc…

  2. DeeDee says :

    Bummer. We can’t call her Flipper anymore!

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