Another Recruit

You know that feeling you get when you get a brand new bike? It’s the same as when you were 12 years old. That feeling–it’s timeless. It doesn’t go away. Getting a new bike is getting to be 12 again. And nothing much comes close to that feeling.

Except for when you participate and helping someone get a new bike.

Bike salespeople probably have the best jobs ever. They get to participate in connecting people with a new bike….A New Bike! A symbol of freedom, exploration, and strength. These salespeople are usually extremely knowledgeable, and work to connect the right bike to the right person. Like Bicycle Matchmakers. How lucky they are to do that all day long.

I recently was consulted by a new friend on the purchase of a mountain bike.  She shopped around, did a little research and settled on the Raleigh 8.0 Mojave. It’s a decent entry level mountain bike with room to grow. I think she’s going to love it.  And now I have someone steady to ride with whenever I’m in Colorado….



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