Red Rocks or The Garden of Angels

I was here one week ago today.

Seems a little weird and distant and faraway now. I flew out to Colorado for a weekend, which really only gave me one full day of fun. But I had a blast, and snapped this picture.

I did not, however, get to ride my bike. Insert collective sad face here. It seems counterintuitive to go to a place like Colorado, which is one of the most bike friendly, outdoor adventure oriented places I’ve ever been, and NOT ride a bike. But I was visiting friends, ones who don’t ride, and I just had that one day to visit. From the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t riding that weekend–judging from the fresh snowfall on this commuter bike parked outside a restaurant and wine bar in Evergreen, CO.


If I venture west again to Colorado, I am most definitely riding. Although after two trips there in 6 months, I’m becoming aware that the altitude DOES affect me. Either that or the beautiful scenery literally does leave me breathless. Nonetheless, I’ll be picking those low lying areas, instead of anything too high up.



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One response to “Red Rocks or The Garden of Angels”

  1. bradtroyphotography says :

    I had a chance to visit this part a two years ago. It’s a great place!

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