How To Wash Your Bike

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If doing this doesn’t put you in the dog house, nothing will! I’ve never been good at washing my bike, and when I try I never seem to get it right (see photo). I’m especially paranoid about the salt and sand eating away at all that metal. I asked Dana for some advice and it was simple & straight forward: Rinse thoroughly, a little sudsy water, rinse again, and dry completely. OK, seems easy enough. Yet when I realized my water to the outside faucet was shut off, the hose was frozen, this got more complicated. So it occurred to me, just give the bike a little bath. And so that’s what I did, in 1950’s retro Easter bunny pink style.


PS–I hate to admit it, but this actually worked pretty well.


3 responses to “How To Wash Your Bike”

  1. Leah says :

    Funny picture! I need to do that too!

  2. Dana says :

    Ha! That’s too funny! My husband just asked me after my ride today if the bike would fit in the bath tub….

  3. Karen says :

    Dana, so what did you tell your husband? Seriously, if I lived with another adult, I’m certain I’d get in trouble for this!!

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