No Studs Needed

I made it out for a glorious short ride on Superbowl Sunday. The thermometer hit 38 and I made a break for it, ignoring my sore throat and runny nose. I took the mountain bike which I discovered after lying around all summer unused, is in dire need of a tune up. The shifting was spotty and the brakes were off, making for an interesting ride. I was grateful for the knobbies–which prevented me from dumping the bike on the icy and slushy spots on the road.

I stopped off at the ATM to deposit a small check and did a short 10 mile loop. I tried out the new exo-nerve helmet and these great Terry winter gloves I got for xmas. The gloves were very warm–I was impressed with the fit and design–maximum control and feel. The helmet was so light I didn’t know it was there. My clothing was appropriate–I was more or less comfortable, but the warmer temperatures caused a fair amount of water on the roads. I was soaked in no time, with a constant spray speckling my glasses. Only after the water soaked through to my skin did I grow uncomfortable.

Although I’ve paid for it since, lying nearly dead from this head cold that’s got me the rest of the day, I can’t begin to express how happy that short ride made me feel.

Happy Groundhog Day, let Spring begin!



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2 responses to “No Studs Needed”

  1. Glenn_in_MA says :

    I know very well that happy feeling.

    BTW, new to your blog…I like it

  2. Karen says :

    Hey Glenn, thanks. It’s snowing again so who knows when I’ll get out again, not to mention riding in weather like this does nothing to heal a cold….still paying for that hour of bliss!

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