Cycling Cabin Fever

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This is one of my favorite photos of my bike from 2008. I cycled out to the Quabbin and climbed up to the Enfield Lookout, and snapped the shot. It was a 45 mile round way trip. One of the most bittersweet feelings I get when I see this photo is how beautiful the weather is–the deep greens of the grass and trees. The clear blue Quabbin sitting in the backdrop, bald eagles soaring overhead…..I miss these times on my bike.

Right now I’m feeling the absence of cycling acutely. I used riding as a clearinghouse of tension and stress of everyday life. I’m spinning about 4 times a week, but shorter distances and inside, in front of a hi def tv. It isn’t the same. I still leave the house when it’s dark, and return home from work to the dark. During the daytime, it isn’t even light, it’s gray. I’m feeling desperate for a splash of color, and some heat in my body.

What I need more than anything is a vacation, and this time last year I had my Asheville adventure with Marcela…mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ironically enough, it snowed for my ride. This year, I have no grand getaway planned, and I’m starting to think that is a serious mistake on my behalf. My body needs the adventure as much as my mind. My eyes miss the sting of salt. My legs miss the ache of exertion and release. But it’s my heart that misses the blues and greens of life blossoming around me.



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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