The party’s over…

And I’m glad.

I have made it through my 15th holiday season in retail on the management level. Monday was my first “normal” day at work. I’ve been working long hours, extra days, and have had almost no time with my son or family. I’ve spent zero time with friends. While everyone else is enjoying “the true meaning of Christmas,” I’m just pushing through it with my head down, waiting it for it all to be over.

So now, I can finally restart my training. This year it’s a Century for me. When I started riding a bike as a hobby/sport 8 years ago, this wasn’t even a consideration. Why on earth would I want to to ride my bike 100 miles?

Indeed. But now it feels achievable. I am always amazed at how far people can go if they just keep at it. I remember that those last 5 miles of the 70 in Philly were hard. I came close to bonking, I was overheated, dizzy, mentally spent. My entire focus was keeping conscious, while my legs were on autopilot. I was digging deeper than I ever had. But I didn’t stop. I didn’t walk the hills. I just kept going.

So I’m browsing centuries of 2009. My brother has shown some interest in a Boston to NH seacoast ride, and I might be able to pair with him for a ride. He took up road cycling last year, but has been mt biking a while and is generally a pretty strong guy. I’m also looking at the Quabbin Ride; a ride with varying lengths that takes the rider around the mighty Quabbin Reservoir. It’s hilly and close by, and extremely beautiful. I think I’m on my own for that one.

Tonight I began my weekly routine again, now that the holidays are finally over. I’m spinning inside and will ride outside once the thermostat hits 40 and the roads are snow & ice free. Tough enough for a century, but Heather can have the slushy roads to herself…



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4 responses to “The party’s over…”

  1. Leah says :

    Sounds like you have some good options!

  2. Rodney Dunning says :

    A century is awesome experience. You’ll belong to select club of people who can say they rode 100 miles in a single day. As for bonking, it’s all about pacing, nutrition, and hydration. My advice: stay in low, easy-to-spin gears, and keep eating and drinking the entire way.

    Good luck!

  3. Karen says :

    thanks Rodney. It was the nutrition I was lacking…I had some issues eating the day previous, I had been trapped on the NJ Turnpike for 7 hours and didn’t eat the right things at the right times. It was a learning experience, to be sure! Plus I got 4 hours sleep the night before the ride. This time it will be different…

  4. Jonathan says :

    A century should be no problem in 2009, given the miles you put in last year. For local options, check out the Hoosic River Ride ( for late-summer training (70+ miles, quite hilly, sensational route), and the COVAC Century ( for an early-fall century option.

    Really enjoyed your blog this year – keep up the good work in 2009, and ride lots!

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