Buried by Heather

And the winner is….

I know we still have a day left, but it’s safe to say Heather has reigned victorious in out little bet. As it stands this evening, she is at 2093 miles and I am at a respectable 2036 miles. At least I broke 2000, something I wasn’t planning on or thinking about when we started this little wager. When I realize I’ve logged that many miles on my bike, all while working as a full time professional and parenting a 3 year old solo, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Even if I have to pony up $25 to square us off. Besides, there’s always next year. What shall we bet on next? Who crashes the most? The least? How many charity rides we participate in? How much fund raising we can do? I’m open to suggestions.

Here’s to new goals, new dares, new adventures in 2009.


(It’s nighttime now but by all accounts, she could still be out there riding in the snow. Someone tell her she’s won and she can stop!)


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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