A lap around town is…

Turbocat headlight

Twelve miles and some change. I stopped by the local bike shop while out and about, of course, and a woman commented that I was a brave soul for riding my bike at night in the fog. I think she really wanted to say I was crazy, but she was too polite. She was dropping off ski boots, so she may not know the joy of riding one’s bike at night. She has no idea what she is missing. I use this light on my handlebars and this one on my helmet. I have two for the rear as well. One that attaches to me and one that is attached to the seat post, the Sigma sport tail guard. The Sigma site is down at the moment, but this post has a photo of it.

Ride stats

Distance: 12.3 miles
Temperature: 40˚
Ride category: Reference check, I was incorrect with the Giro helmet model in this post. It is the G9, not the G10 MX. Good thing I stopped by the bike shop.



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2 responses to “A lap around town is…”

  1. The General says :

    My girl is pretty funny. I think she is going to get a name around town as the crazy bike lady. Perhaps she will become some sort of legend on snowy nights, like spotting the Loch Ness Monster. I look forward to the media following.

  2. Chuck says :

    Hmmm…the crazy bike lady, huh? We’ve been telling the tale of Heather vs. the Cable Guy already. Maybe we weave the two together? And every tale gets “stretched” a bit, you know. Maybe we can add a detail or two. Any suggestions?

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