Photo biking Hawley

King Brook

The General and I headed through Hawley yesterday on our way to the Berkshires to visit her side of the family. The river was running from all the snow and then warm temps, so I figured I would come out and explore today. I brought the bike with me because there would have been no safe place to park the car while I took photos; the roads of Hawley barely allow two cars to pass in spring time. I parked at DCR property and rode my bike downhill for a mile, then turned around to pedal back up and get the photos. Here’s the DB waiting patiently while I hike around:

The DB in its element

One more from the trip:


Ride stats

Distance: 2.1 miles
Temperature: 30˚
Ride category: Photo biking and hiking in Hawley.



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3 responses to “Photo biking Hawley”

  1. Ellen says :

    Nuts! Yup that’s the word. You are nuts! Slushy, snow and ice covered, twisty, crazy-driver infested, practically one lane road.
    Obviously you must have good reflexes.

    Nice photos.

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