It’s that time of year again

Road conditions look great

Back when the weather started getting warm enough for Karen to ride outside, my friend Ellen said I should start signing my posts so there would be no confusion regarding who wrote it. Now that we are in the season that consists of snow, ice, and temps in the 20s, it is safe to say I will be the only one riding outside. I’ll still sign my posts, it took me a while to get that down.

Today’s ride was to the grocery store for the ingredients to the General’s favorite meal. Classic Italian American tomato sauce II (includes homemade meatballs) from The Joy of Cooking ©1997. I headed out on my Diamondback (DB) Ascent tricked out with Nokian Extreme studded tires and Topeak Drybag panniers.  I had no trouble getting around, but that wasn’t true for everyone. Some guy who was apparently surprised to see someone on a bike, was paying more attention to me than his driving. He got off the track made by other cars, ended up in slush, and lost control of his vehicle. He was going slow so there were no injuries, and what did he care? He was in a company truck. Cyclists, 1; cable guy, 0.

Ride stats

Distance: 10.0 miles
Temperature: 20˚
Ride category: Heading out for provisions.



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3 responses to “It’s that time of year again”

  1. Karen says :

    Glad to see your causing accidents….I did another 10 too, but inside, wearing shorts & a tank and watching Lethal Weapon 🙂

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