Self Indulgence

I’ve become pretty good at denying myself things.

I’ve learned this mostly through motherhood.  It’s such a huge shift away from yourself and toward another person, your needs and wants aren’t just secondary.  They come, third, fourth, fifth on the list.  However, completely denying oneself has destructive, depressing consequences.  So in the spirit of good mental health and the practical purpose of protecting my skull against future meetings with the pavement, I have purchased myself this:

Bell Delirium

Bell Delirium

Now I called myself the Carrie Bradshaw of bicycle helmets, and that was the truth.  But I’ve been denying myself such frivolous indulgences as more than one bike helmet.  This little number (a steal at 47% off) is a long awaited replacement for a mountain biking helmet that fell apart 15 months ago when doing my second LIVESTRONG Ride.  I’ve been using the road helmet ever since.  Now the road helmet is trashed since my first official crash.  But I have it on good authority that the object of my road helmet desire, the exo-nerve by Louis Garneau is ordered, but currently out of stock.  Here’s hoping Santa’s distribution center gets this off to my Mom’s mailbox in time for Christmas. 


PS. I have decided not to even count that big, bulky mountain bike helmet I picked up last year in Philly, since I’ve worn it once and feel so silly with it on my head, I can’t bring myself to wear it again.  It’s like Bradshaw in a pair of rubber clogs.


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Self Indulgence”

  1. leahflickinger says :

    Nice helmet! Hey, thanks for such thoughtful comments on my last post. It’s comforting to know other people deal with similar things. (Not that I wish the stress upon anyone!)

  2. Marcela says :

    There you go Miss Bradshaw; you deserve it =)

    Oh and nice bruise… you are trying to compete with me? LOL

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