It wasn’t much…

Thanksgiving Day ride

Yes, I am finally feeling better. The back is a little out of whack from almost two weeks on the couch, but I can breathe through my nose again and I am not coughing up small pieces of lung anymore. (How’s that for detail Chuck?) I wanted to take a little spin before the General and I headed to her mother’s for Thanksgiving. The ride wasn’t much; I probably didn’t even burn off the slab of apple pie I had. But I’m not complaining because I’m back on the bike.

Ride stats

Distance: 4.1 miles (trust me, it was a big piece of pie)
Temperature: 36˚
Ride category: Getting back on two wheels after a little illness knocked me on my butt.



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2 responses to “It wasn’t much…”

  1. Karen says :

    Glad you’re feeling better at last. I heard the General was down for the count now? I think I’ll stay away from you a little while longer, lord knows I cannot afford to get sick (who can?)!

  2. chuck says :

    Okay, now we KNOW that you were really sick! Glad that you’re feeling better & thanks for the details.

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