On The Road Again

Maybe I just needed to vent. 

That last post, as I reread it, is pretty depressing.  But it’s an accurate reflection of my feelings as of late.  So instead of running (like THAT was ever going to happen) I road my bike OUTSIDE.

I have my limits as far as cold weather riding goes, and my limit is 40 degrees.  Until I get better gear.  The roads were glazed with ice this morning, but by noontime, the ice thawed to a pre-evaporation dampness.  I suited up and ventured out.  I watched the thermometer click down from 66 degrees (the temp inside my house) to 41.  And I was OK.  A little uncomfortable but OK.


Despite my physical discomfort, my mental discomfort started to lift away immediately.  It was kind of amazing, in fact.  I have come to realize that my times on the bike allow me to process things in my life, destress, and declutter my psyche.  You could practically see the road behind me littered with the trash in my mind as it fell away with every pedal stroke.  I get a little of this on the trainer, but its really being outdoors that does it for me. 

I tried out my new head gear today- a skull cap/windblocker by Craft.  I think it looks pretty good, despite my tiny head 🙂

The new skull cap kept my noggin toasty warm.

The new skull cap kept my noggin toasty warm.

By the end of my ride, my toes were numb, nose running, and soul full.

I heart my bike!



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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