What’s My Motivation?

I’m finding it really difficult to force myself onto the trainer, and riding outside has been less than appealing.  Part of the problem is I don’t have much to look forward to in the near future as far as cycling related events.   In fact, the most useful thing about cycling and exercise in general right now is managing my stress levels at work. 

I should have been more obsessed  focused on staying fit & trim for my High School Reunion which is taking place this Friday evening at a lovely harbor side hotel in Boston. 

Go Sachems! Class of 88 RULES!

Go Sachems! Class of 88 RULES!

I just read an article that stated 33% of women 35-48 start preparing for their HS Reunion 6 months prior to the event.  I admit I was feeling a little nervous about seeing everyone again but that’s not my reason for training all summer long.  I weigh about twenty pounds more now than I did when I was in HS, but when I think about my body image then compared to now, I really don’t have many outward hang ups.  After all, I graduated at 17 and I wasn’t a fully grown adult yet.  Plus I’m carrying a lot more muscle, and OK, some of the other stuff too.  I’m still a size ten and 5’8″ so I’m content.  Hey, I’m 20 years older. 

But I’m concerned with myself because I’ve passed on two opportunities to exercise in the last 3 days.  This is a bad trend to continue.  I worked out last on Sunday, but passed ALL DAY Monday, despite having it off from work and again tonight, which is my weekly ritual of spinning while watching the Biggest Loser on TV.  I have tomorrow off, and have this half-baked idea that I will go running, an activity I despise yet have some experience with (varsity track, long distance, 1 mile, 2 mile, high jump, long jump….a few road races over the years….you know the drill).  Yet I feel a good run will give me the ass kicking I think I need to get my blood pumping again.  Plus work some muscles neglected by the bike for so many months.

How I feel these days.

How I feel these days.



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2 responses to “What’s My Motivation?”

  1. leahflickinger says :

    Well, join the club. Don’t worry about the reunion. I’m sure you will look better than most of the people there!

  2. Alex Hamilton says :

    I’ve kinda stumbled across you thru checking my own blog stats but had to comment as I’m both a keen (ex) cyclist and once ‘trained’ to cycle around the World.
    I didn’t get very far with either *grin*.
    I trained little and had the numbest most aching nether regions you can imagine when I started my trip – although that was no excuse for not getting beyond the Southern hemisphere on that particular trip!
    Anyway the other point that struck me as I was reading about you searching desolately for your motivation – and herein I might be guilty of teaching you to suck eggs – but *sigh* motivation so seldom rocks up at the front door without invitation. In fact I frequently have to step out and grab it by the scruff and drag it in 😉
    I do wish you well though. A reunion would fall into ‘nightmare’ if I had to tag it!

    Alex xx

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