Helmet Shopping

Since I cracked my head on the pavement last Sunday, it’s high time to get a new helmet. I had my previous helmet about 3 or 4 years–which is a lot of mileage for a helmet. I have a backup mountain bike helmet by Trek with a visor, but it’s big and bulky–I bought it on impulse–never a good idea (for me anyway). My road helmet is a fire engine red Bell. There are no visible signs of impact, but my dizzy head post crash is enough to tell me it’s done.

I love bike helmets, about as much as most women like shoes. Their Manolo Blahnik is my Louis Garneau. I love the colors, designs, and if I had the means, I’d get the same model in all available colors, and all the models I like. I am the Carrie Bradshaw of bicycle helmets. Heather would tell you it’s so I can accurately match my helmet to my jersey, or my bike, or my cycling shoes. And sadly enough, she’d be right.

Bell Sweep 2009                                             Giro Stylus 2009

So here’s the short list. I’d love to here your thoughts on color. I’m not completely without restraint–I kept all my choices under $150.00. I may have Carrie Bradshaw taste, but I don’t have Mr. Big bankrolling my fashion whims….


Top photo, and current top of the short list is

2009 Louis Garneau Exo-Nerve Helmet


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3 responses to “Helmet Shopping”

  1. Heather says :

    Like I said, your foo foo title is safe. Locked in by a long shot.

  2. leahflickinger says :

    I’m not helping here, but I got a Specialized helmet over the summer that I love. It has this internal cage system thingy and you can hardly feel the helmet on your head. It’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever used.

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