My First Real Road Bike Crash

While Heather was out breaking her goal of 2000 miles, I was out breaking other things.  I had my first real crash today, and while I’ve crashed dozens of times on my mt. bike, this was a little different.  When I’m mt. biking, I almost expect to crash–pretty much at any time.  I take a lot more chances and I’m a little loose on the trail, especially when descending.  But I didn’t see this coming, and I really should have.

I was out on a short ride this morning–sneaking in a 45 minute jaunt before work (I’m on day 7 in a row at work, so I needed to make time to ride).  I wanted to do at least 10 miles. Hey, something is better than nothing.  I finished my loop and had 9.5 miles in.  Because I’m ridiculous, I decided to spin around my neighborhood that extra .5 mile just to even it off.  I was about 4 houses away from my own when I banked a sharp left to turn up a side street.  The street was an immediate hill, so I took the corner with some speed.  What I didn’t account for, and feel pretty silly for not seeing this, was all those wet leaves in the corner of the road I was using to turn.  My bike cut out from under me and before I knew it, I was down.

My helmet did it’s job as I did knock my head good enough to make me a bit disoriented after the fall.  I have an amazing hemotoma on my left hip (see photo–but it looks much better in person–10 hours post crash), some bruises and scrapes on my left elbow and knee, a very sore shoulder from taking most of the impact on my upper arm, and the thing that hurts worst:  the meat of my palm.  I have NO IDEA how I injured this as all the falling happened to the left, and this was my right hand.  Thank god for the padded cycling glove.  I walked around work cradling my hand and found signing my name a tender chore.

I knew I’d crash eventually–it’s impossible to think I would be immune to it.  But really-it was a good crash, good in that I’m not seriously hurt and that I’m a little more aware of road conditions.  Wet leaves?  Lesson learned.



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “My First Real Road Bike Crash”

  1. jpo says :

    Sorry about the crash. Be sure to check your helmet carefully – you should replace after any head-impact crash.

  2. leahflickinger says :

    I’ve been off the blogs lately, so late to hear this news. Sorry about the crash. Totally sucks! I hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Karen says :

    Last night was the first night I could sleep on “that” side. Bruises are like sunsets, beautiful colors that eventually fade away 🙂

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