2000 in 2008

Warwick town line

I surpassed my 2008 mileage goal of 2000 on today’s ride. I now have 2020 miles for the year, and I’m deciding what to up the new goal to for the end of the year. I was thinking 2500, but that would require a lot of riding over the next 52 days.  If my math is right, I would need to ride 9.2 miles every day to reach it. I have some time to think about that because bike journal is down, and I can’t update until it’s back up and running. My ride today took me into southern New Hampshire where I passed this historical marker:

Hinsdale's auto pioneer

I liked the line about the vehicle being able to maintain speeds of 30 mph, roads permitting. While taking some photos of the Ashuelot covered bridge, I noticed this sticker stuck on a highway sign:

Bike tour sticker

A little googling, and I found Shawn’s site. I thought that was pretty cool; one little sticker connects a cyclist on the east coast with a cyclist on the west coast.

Ride stats

Distance: 47.3 miles
Temperature: 50˚
Ride category: Breaking the 2000 mile barrier.



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