VERGE Cycle Smart Northampton Cross Race Day 2 Video & Photos

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It was another glorious day for racing, and spectating out here in western Massachusetts. Again it was a mish-mosh of viewing races, as my 3 year old was slightly less excited then he was on the first day, cutting the day short. I was able to move around the park enough to get some nice footage of the women in the sand, plus a few other good shots of the men racing around a particularly winding part of the race course. They changed the course for today, and the run ups were a little less intense.
Originally uploaded by sipclip&go
Today I sampled a bit in the beer garden. It was pretty refreshing to sip beer on a cold November day.


Even the kids enjoyed racing, and I was happy that I delayed my son’s participation in the kids race. He’s going to have to get those training wheels off to compete with these little kids. I even spied a few pint sized cross bikes, and one kid in full bike gear, Lycra included. These kids don’t mess around!



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3 responses to “VERGE Cycle Smart Northampton Cross Race Day 2 Video & Photos”

  1. Leah says :

    ‘Cross is so fun to watch. The racers make it look so easy!

  2. Karen says :

    They sure do make it look easy! I really enjoy watching it, but I wonder if doing it would warp my perspective. I like watching those racers on the back of the pack–they struggle more, but I think it gives mere mortals the more accurate picture of how tough this sport is. My cow bell tolls for them!

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